Undershirt, tank top, etc. have existed for more than a century but many don’t dare to wear one or don’t see the point. This undergarment for men is common in some parts of the world and is hardly worn in others. Yet, this item of clothing has shown its effectiveness for many years and has many benefits.


 Perhaps you haven’t thought about wearing one before, but here is why wearing this piece of underwear can be beneficial for you, especially in a professional environment:

  • MADE-TO-FIT: designed to go unnoticed, their close-fitting cut avoids the formation of unsightly wrinkles
  • BREATHABLE: it acts like a moisture-absorbent first layer to avoid sweat marks on your shirt 
  • THERMO-REGULATING: it protects you from the cold in winter and helps to prevent you from sweating in summer.
  • COMFORTABLE: eucalyptus fibre (a very light and soft cellulose fibre) is more pleasant than the roughness of your shirt.
  • V NECK: a deep neckline is more discreet, even when you unbutton your collar. A crew neck brings a sporty look and allows you to hide unruly chest hair. This model can be worn under a tie to remain invisible. 
  • DISCRETION: the cut allows it to stay tucked into trousers, with raglan sleeves that are invisible under a shirt 
  • DURABLE: in direct contact with your body, it respects your body while extending the life of your shirt.
  • STYLE: an undershirt gives you a more refined overall look.


Curious to discover our undershirts, which are as useful as they are ecological and 100% manufactured in Europe? 

Calculate your Body Type to choose the most adapted cut for your morphology and discover if you are the Jim, Joe or Jack type

Then choose the model (standard V neck, deep V neck or crew neck) and the colour of your choice. Don’t forget that to remain invisible, it is essential that the undershirt contrasts as little as possible. Prefer the flesh tone “sand” colour for a slightly transparent white shirt.