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There are some things that defy common sense. For example, lighters were invented before matches and clothes before underwear. From the earliest existence of mankind, the days of the Cro-Magnons and Lucy, clothes have met one of the essential needs for basic survival – protection from the cold. So, when the first frosts turned the plains sparkling white, when the icy winds whipped the high peaks whistling with hostility, people covered themselves with

IN THIS ARTICLE Undershirt, tank top, etc. have existed for more than a century but many don’t dare to wear one or don’t see the point. This undergarment for men is common in some parts of the world and is hardly worn in others. Yet, this item of clothing has shown its effectiveness for many years and has many benefits. THE UNDERSHIRT Perhaps you haven’t thought about wearing one before, but here is why wearing

More and more men are wearing beards and moustaches. Beard fashion has been exploding for a few years now, there is something for everyone: 3-day beard, moustache, hypster style. They don't all have the same style, but they all have one thing in common: maintaining their beard and moustache. A French bearded men's cosmetics brand We discovered a French brand specialized in the artisanal creation