Hi there, this is our privacy notice. When you visit our website, or when you buy our products online, we will collect and process your personal data. In this notice we will explain what personal data we collect and what we do with it. We will also inform you on several other topics related to the way we process your personal data. This privacy notice is structured in the same way you interact with us. It applies to both consumers and small businesses (jointly referred to as ‘Customers’) that buy our clothing and other items online. In case you are a small business, some of the content of this privacy notice may not apply to you. Please also note that this privacy notice may change. The version that you find on our website will be updated on a regular basis.


Sizable SA is responsible for this privacy notice. This legal entity is referred to as “we” or us” in this document. You can contact us at the address listed at the bottom of this privacy notice.


When you purchase an item online via our website, we collect your name and – in case you are a small business – your company name, full postal and/or separate billing address, e-mail address, telephone number, ordered and returned products, delivery information and invoice information. We will also collect data on your usage vouchers.

We do not collect information related to the payment instrument that you use, e.g. credit card information. This information is processed solely by our payment service provider and by the providers of the payment instruments subject to strict information security assurances.

During the purchasing process, you have the option to set up a personal Sizable account. If you choose to do so, we will ask you to consent to receiving newsletters and other (electronic) communications via post, e-mail and/or SMS.

When you visit our website we will drop cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality on your device that enable us to monitor your behaviour. These cookies channel back data to our data analytics tools. If you visit our website, we can trace from which marketing channel you originated (e.g. Google AdWords, e-mail, newsletter), what pages you viewed, which products you have added to your cart and which ones you bought. We also receive information on how you use and interact with the site as well as on the amount of time that you spend on it. The server of our website also collects basic information that relates to the request that is made from your browser when you visit the site. This data may include information on your last visit date and time, timestamp of the browser request, your IP address, basic HTTP header information (like referral URL and user agent) and previous URL that was requested by your browser.


  • To fulfill your orders, this includes answering your queries on the phone, via post or via e-mail;
  • To provide effective targeted advertising to you. Effective targeted advertising is advertising optimized to your (inferred) personal preferences.
  • Targeted advertising includes both online advertisements and advertisements in direct marketing communications;
  • If you have opted-in and thus agreed to receive these; send direct marketing messages to you and monitor your interaction with these messages;
  • To perform social listening. Social listening is performed to enable us to have a general view of the opinion of people about us and our brands and to get an idea of relevant online influencers;
  • To compose future item collections that meet your requirements and those of other customers;
  • To fulfill our legal obligations, for example our financial bookkeeping obligations;
  • To improve your user experience i.e. provide clear information, guidance to complete purchase etc.;
  • To provide high level of service, so when you contact us we can support you with reference to your interactions with the brand;
  • To enable the technical and functional management of our websites  (including maintaining information security), for example by identifying parts of the websites that have a low latency;
  • All of the above also applies to small businesses.


The way we process data is based on four processing grounds: (i) the performance of the purchase agreement between you and us for one or more items, (ii) to perform one or more of our legal obligations, (iii) your consent and (iv) our legitimate interest. These processing grounds may be combined whenever appropriate. When we request your consent, you may withdraw it at any time. The legitimate interests that we pursue is our interest to sell more items to you and make sure that these items are to your liking. For instance, when we validate whether your personal data is not associated with fraudulent credit card use or excessive credit card charge backs, this is because we want to avoid delivering an item to you without receiving the purchase price in return. Also social listening is performed to enable us to have a general view of the opinion of people about us and our brands and to get an idea of relevant online influencers.

If you fail to provide the obligatory data we request from you in the context of a purchase, the consequence of such failure is that the purchase cannot be completed.


Your personal data can be accessed by our employees to the extent that this access is required to enable them to perform their work for us. In addition, your personal data can be accessed by our external service providers, provides us with IT services, hosting services, delivery services and other services we need to be able to run our business. All third parties that we work with, that have access to your personal date, are subject to data processing agreement(s) that guarantee(s) that this data is exclusively processed for the purposes listed above.

If specifically required, by applicable law we may provide your personal data to regulatory authorities, police, justice department, fiscal authorities and other authorities assigned with investigative powers pursuant to applicable law.


We retain your personal data for the period that you actively interact with us. You are no longer considered to be actively interacting with us if, for a consecutive period of two (2) years, you have not purchased an item from us or have not visited one of our website(s). After this two (2) year period we will only retain specific data that needs to be retained pursuant to a legal obligation of ours, e.g. records such as an invoice or a payment record.

In case you’ve opted-in to receive direct marketing communications from us, the data that we need to send you these communications will continue to be used (processed) by us until you opt-out from receiving them.

If you have an account, you can always request that we delete the account and its contents. You can do so by sending an e-mail to info@sizable.eu.


You have the right to access your personal data that we collect and process and may request from us that we rectify or erase personal data or restrict the processing of your personal data or object to the processing. In addition, you have the statutory right to file a complaint with a competent data protection authority.

You can exercise your rights towards us by sending an e-mail to the contact e-mail address listed below. We note that we will only oblige an exercise of rights by customers that have an account. For other non-registered customers, we are not able to verify your entitlement to the personal data to which your exercise of rights relates to.

If you wish to opt-out from receiving direct marketing communications you can click the opt-out link in the respective message or indicate your opt-out in your account settings.



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For any request related to this Privacy Notice e-mail: info@sizable.eu