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Beard oil, the new trend for bearded men

More and more men are wearing beards and moustaches. Beard fashion has been exploding for a few years now, there is something for everyone: 3-day beard, moustache, hypster style.

They don’t all have the same style, but they all have one thing in common: maintaining their beard and moustache.

A French bearded men’s cosmetics brand

We discovered a French brand specialized in the artisanal creation of beard oil for men. Les Frères Green is a family business made up of three bearded and passionate brothers. They offer eight delicious beard oil fragrances composed of vegan & cruelty free vegetable oils and organic essential oils. Their goal is to offer beard oils for all hair types and for all tastes. Oils with sweet, floral, mentholated scents that embalm and moisturize hair and skin. Beard oil also has the added benefit of avoiding hair under the skin and leaves a delicious scent in your wake.

An original gift for a bearded man.

The Green Brothers offer beard boxes with several beard oils as well as accessories (comb, brush, anti-hair apron). An original gift to give to a bearded man for a birthday or simply to subtly show him that his beard needs a little maintenance.

The motto of the Green Brothers “Take care of your beard, it will give it back to you”.

The Green Brothers also offer beard care accessories, beard combs with an option of personalization with engraving, beard brushes for a well-groomed beard and other accessories for men that I invite you to discover on their website.

Win a coupon code on the Green Brothers shop

A new partnership between Sizable and The Green Brothers has begun to bring you gifts. From now on, when you order at Sizable, you win a 15% discount code at Green Brothers.