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 Some countries are indisputably recognised for their well-adapted bicycle infrastructure. This is the case for Denmark and the Netherlands, which provide many signposted cycle routes (bicycle paths and shared roads). They have been elected the most “bike-friendly” countries in Europe, according to the ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) rating. 


Cycle touring is above all an ecological alternative to travel and discover a region at your own pace. The bike offers emotions that other means of transport cannot offer and allows you to reach some otherwise inaccessible places, enabling you to discover the beauty of the region and the riches of each country.  In this article, you will discover the destination par excellence for cycling: the Netherlands. A true Eldorado for cycle buffs, the Netherlands offers travellers nearly 32,000 km of cycle paths. This country is working to develop secure and innovative infrastructures that make people want to travel about on two wheels. Thanks to a flat landscape, a mild climate and roads that are safe and easy to travel, this destination has everything to please. Moreover, the bike is a priority means of transport for the Dutch, regardless of the destination (work, shopping, family, etc.). 


 Like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Eindhoven or Maastricht, many Dutch cities offer an abundance of paths that are exclusively reserved for cyclists.  In Amsterdam, you will admire the town houses along the canals, the “red light district”, Anne Frank’s home, and, of course, the Royal Palace on Dam Square. Leaving Amsterdam, you can go to Haarlem, one of the most ancient Dutch cities and one that is rich in arts and culture, monuments, restaurants and cafes. Its essential sites? The Frans Hals Museum and the historical city centre.

2. IN THE COUNTRY  The Dutch cycle path network is not limited to large urban agglomerations and is also present in the open countryside, making it THE ideal destination for cyclists. In the North region, you can enjoy the open air and admire the polders and lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see.  If you pass through Rotterdam, take a detour by Kinderdijk to discover its 19 windmills registered on the Unesco world heritage list. Built around 1740, these mills are part of a water management system to combat flooding.   If you want to take a break during your city trip to Amsterdam, take half an hour and head for the south of Amsterdam. A journey of 315 km will immerse you in a very green region whose centre is Gouda, where they produce a famous cheese sold in the beautiful historic heart of the city. If you are travelling between mid-March and mid-May, take advantage of the flowering season to visit Keukenhof, the world’s largest floral park. 


 This region of the Netherlands is a must-visit for lovers of beaches and food. It offers large stretches of water, beautiful natural areas and historic port cities. In addition to its exceptional nature, Zealand is also known for its culinary specialities. In fact, a 41.5 kilometre tour from Kamperland is dedicated to them. You can taste the Zeeuwse bolus, Zealand beer and above all its wonderful fish, crustaceans and shellfish. 

 4. BOAT BIKE TOUR Would you like an organised stay that combines all the advantages of a cycle tour and a cruise? With Boat Bike Tours, you will see Holland at its most beautiful, from both the water and by bike. This formula allows you to combine activities and relaxation: leave your baggage on the boat which transports it from port to port and decide if you want to cycle or simply remain on board and relax. Boat Bike Tours gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the diversity that the Netherlands has to offer: beautiful polder landscapes, nature reserves, fields of flowers, old Dutch villages, ultra-modern cities, etc.

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